Asked • 04/04/19

How to introduce myself in 10 minutes?

I am invited to an interview and was asked to prepare an introduction of myself and my proficiency, i.e. explain briefly my CV and an example project I am currently working at. I was given a time limit of only 10 minutes. They said I am free to choose between projector, flipchart, whiteboard, etc.While I think ten minutes is quite short to have a deep understanding of my profession (Engineering & Software), I have these questions:* **Which way of presentation is considered to fit the best (especially regarding the ten minutes)?** I guess flipcharts and whiteboards allow a lot of creativity and spontaneous ideas, but I'm concerned that my handwriting will be bad if I'm nervous and it does cost a lot of time. On the other hand it adds a good personal insight because it's individual.* **Should I present my personal interests as well?** I thought about adding a note at the end, for example I'm into sailing, driving motorcycle, etc., because I usually do so in my CV and I would like to keep it consistent. But again I only have ten minutes and I'm not sure if it's important enough to be mentioned.My location is Germany but all ideas are welcome.

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