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Geochronology Chemistry


How to calculate the sample total 206Pb/204Pb?

Total sample ratios:    204Pb/206Pb =  8.676 × 10-6               207Pb/206Pb =  0.1143                                   208Pb/206Pb =  0.0545                        238U/206Pb... more
Geochronology Geology Geochemistry


Age of fossils found in rocks?

I have heard the claim by creationists that geologists date rocks by the fossils they contain and date fossils by the rocks in which they are found. This supposedly invalidates radiometric ages... more
Geochronology Geology Economic Geology


In what geological situations can I find gold?

I've heard that gold ore is often associated with quartz veins. What geological processes enable gold particles to naturally cluster together like this? What characteristics/properties should I... more

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