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Why is the diurnal temperature range on the Cascade volcanoes so small?

Ski-mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest I am frustrated that the snow pack isn't refreezing at night. There is about a 20F difference between the day and night temperatures in Seattle. Looking... more


What would change if our earth lacks mountains?

I just asked myself what is the role of the mountains on our planet earth? Well there's a well known role for the climate and weather. But is there a kind of physical or geological role? What... more


Himalayas are currently rising. What will be the highest point they can reach?

Himalayas are currently rising about 5 mm/year. What will be the highest point they can reach?


Is there a reason most mountain ranges seem to run parallel to coastlines?

Eyeballing a map of the world, it seems that most mountain ranges that don't occur along continental fault lines run parallel to coastlines. Is there a reason for this?


Why One Side of Mountain Range is Lush?

I'm new to this site and certainly not someone with any real background in atmospheric science, so please forgive me if this question is a little stupid. I recall learning in High School about... more

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