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Fractions Help


how do I get the answer for 1/2 - 3/10 + 2/5

what is the formula to get 1/2 - 3/10 + 2/5
Fractions Help


how do i get the answer for 1 - 5/6

what is the formula to get the answer to 1 - 5/6
Fractions Help


how do I get the answser for 2/3+3/5-1/2

what is the formula for figuring this problem out? 2/3 + 3/5 - 1/2
Fractions Help


2/3 cups of oat meal make 10 granola bars how many granola bars get made with 20 cups of oatmeal

Im really conduced I tried dividing 
Fractions Help


there is 9/10 of a pizza and u need to save 3/10 how much can u eat

There is 9/10 of pizza and u need  to save 3/10 how much can u ?    
Fractions Help Word Problem


Write an equation, then solve. A tub holds 32 gallons of water. It is now 4/7 full. How many gallons of water are in the tub?

This is a 5th grade math problem in the section titled fraction word problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated!  
Fractions Help


3/7•2 1/2 whats the answer

Explain how to work the problem out
Fractions Help Geometry Algebra Question



Simplify as much as possible.       
Fractions Help



(k 1/6) ^-2  over (k^5) 1/3   =                   Assume all variables are positive.  
Fractions Help


when you subtract 2 fractions that are the same why is the bottom number multiplied?

when you subtract 8/5 - 8/5 why is the answer 0/25. why is the denominator multiplied?
Fractions Help


how to do fraction dividing multipying

multiplying fractions also reduce to the lowest terms  
Fractions Help Prealgebra


Hi i dont know how to multiply my fractions with exponents and variables

Im in pre algebra and i have no clue please help meh!!


Can this be further simplyfied?

Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions 5 over 6ab - 7 over 8a after getting common denominators i get 20 - 21b over 24ab can this be further simpified?
Fractions Help


5/12+blank=1/2 has to have a whole number in the blank

5/12 + blank WHOLE NUMBER = 1/2
Fractions Help


Find an equation of the line that satisfies the given conditions.

Through (8, 6); perpendicular to the line y = 7

How do I find the (LCM) or the (LCD) of fraction?

How do I find the (LCM) or the (LCD) of fraction? Is the LCM the same as the LCD? Do they have a link with each other?
Fractions Help


How do I work out this problem:5 2/3 - 3 1/6 ? I know the answer is 2 1/2 but how do I arrive at that answer?

I am trying to prepare for a test and I am just learning how to work fractions.

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