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Hi i dont know how to multiply my fractions with exponents and variables

Im in pre algebra and i have no clue please help meh!!

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2 Answers

You're multiplying fractions, like any fractions. The Top time the Top over the Bottom time the Bottom.

As for the variables and exponents, you're only multiplying polynomials.


  • ((x2 - 1x - 6)/7x) * ((x+2)2/(4X-2))
  • ( (x2 - 1x - 6) * (x+2)2 ) / ( 7x * (4x -2) )   Multiply fractions
  • ( (x - 3)(x+2) * (x+2)(x+2) ) / ( 28x2 - 14x )  Factored the numerator, multiplied the denominator
  • ( (x-3)(x+2)3 ) / ( 28x2 -14x )  Was able to recombine the numerator

Clearly there would be a few different ways you could represent this, but it's an example.
 If you have specific questions feel free to ask.

Hopes this helped a bit,

Steven P.


Hi Angela,

We can probably help you a lot better if you give us a few samples of the problems you are working on.  There are a lot of ways to work out fraction multiplications with exponents and variables.  Can you type up two or three examples?  In the meantime, you may find this website useful:

If you send along some samples, I'm sure we can help you out!

~ April