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Rebecca used ⅜ of ribbon to tie a package. She used 1/5 of remainder to make a bookmark. She had 24 cm left. How big was the original ribbon

please help me to use fractions to figure this out
Fractions Help


If 1/4 cup of honey make 12 servings. How many cups of honey will make 20? Please help, thank you

I need help understanding this question
Fractions Help


Filling up a water tank takes 40 minutes, draining it takes 60 minutes. If the tank is filled 2/3 of it's capacity , how long will it take to drain it?

please help, I'm in vacation trying to review concepts I didn't understan. Sorry for bad English:(  
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14 1/8 cups of flour, 6 3/8 cups of sugar, and 3/8 cups of salt

A cook for a nursing home is preparing 100 yeast rolls for dinner. The dry ingredients needed include 14 1/8 cups of flour, 6 3/8 cups of sugar, and 3/8 cups of salt how much cup of dry ingredients... more
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Algebra 1 - Rules of Exponents Help?

I'm currently doing Rules of Exponents and I need help.Question: https://pasteboard.co/GArNfF7.pngI know you get x^2/y^4 • y^5/x^5 but I don't know what to do afterwards, help?
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write as a fraction - a company employs 400 people, and 180 of them are women

Need to find out if this is a ratio or a rate - I am thinking a ratio.  but then I need to write it as a fraction. Is it 180/400  
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Fraction problem

A bag of flour weighed 2.8 kg. Amy used some flour to bake cupcakes and cookies. The amount of flour used to bake cookies was 4 times the amount of flour used to bake cupcakes. She was left with... more
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Maths fraction solving

Mary had some beads. 3/5 of her beads were yellow. 5/7 of the remaining beads were red. The rest of the beads were black.   a) What fraction of the beads were black? b) If she had 12 black... more
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If the diameter is 121/2 what is the circumference

12 "1/2" In diameter using 22/7 as pie. What is the circumference
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1 1/4 cups water makes 12 cakes, how much water do i need to make 6 cakes?

how do I find the fraction for 6 cakes?
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what is 4/14 x 7/20 x 10/14 =

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3/7 * 15/12

how would I solve the fraction 3/7 * 15/12 when I mulitplied straight across then I got 45/84
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How much did each of the sandwiches (Ham, Roast Beef, and turkey) weigh before they were served?

Five friends ordered 3 large sandwiches. The ham sandwich was 1/3 weight of the roast beef sandwich and the turkey sandwich was 1/2 the weight of the roast beef sandwich. The sandwich portions were... more
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Drew walked 1/2 mile in 1/8 hour to get to the store. How fast was Drew walking?

 help me plz!!!!!! is it 1/4 4 1/16 or 16 miles per hour.


Fraction Operations Word Prob (more in description)

Yasmine is having a birthday party with snacks and activities for her guests. At one table, five people are sharing three-quarters of pizza. I used the equation: 3/4 = 3/4 x 1/5 =3/20   I need... more
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Solving an all fractions equation

an example of what I'm talking about woild be 2/3n-5/6=1/6n+1/3
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what is the product of 4 1/2 X 1 1/4

Need help with fractions with a whole number and a fraction


Fraction and percentage Question

Total appointment took altogether was 8000 Average appointment per technician took was 444 Amy took 575 appointments.   How much more % of appointments did Amy took more than average
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Trying to calculate a problem with fractions Any help would be appreciated

Mike asks Billy to help him run his lemonade stand. He’ll either pay him 2/5 of 1/2 of the profits or 1/3 of 3/4  of the stand’s profits. Which should Billy choose to maximize the amount he will... more
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There were 96 people on board a ship 1/4 of them are female how many female were there?

I don't know how to do it because my teacher didn't explain 
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10/11 on monday and 2/11 on tuesday first load 3/4. what total?

Sally did 10/11 a load of laundry on Monday and 2/11 a load of laundry on Tuesday. The first load was 3/4 colored clothes. What fraction of laundry did Sally do in total?

The value of 6x-16 when x = 4 is

evaluate the expression when x = 4
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A whole pie is cut into 8 equal slices.three of th slices are served.how much of the pie is left

Shuhan Jiang I love you I am the one you love in 2nd grade ang4th grade By:Ivan Zheng TO:Shuhan jiang love ❤😙💕💝💑💋👰🏻🤵💏🍒  
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Change to a fraction in lowest terms

Change to a fraction in lowest terms   .047619   *Note: .047619 is repeating, so it would continue like this: .047619047619047619047619

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