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Asked • 06/25/19

Is it known how the first viruses formed?

[The oldest known virus]( is known to have infected prehistoric insects 300 million years ago. A virus is basically a parasitic strand if DNA or RNA encapsulated in a protein coat. It enters cells by "wearing" a protein coat made out of proteins needed by a certain cell (e.g. Lung cells and flu virus).Now, my question:- Do we know how viruses naturally formed? To simplify the question, if we went back to the first virus, how would it form?Note that I am looking for a scientific answer, and not wild-ass speculation. While I can accept some degree of speculation the accepted answer will **NOT** be based entirely on speculation if it is avoidable.

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Dr. Shaikh M. answered • 10/04/19

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PhD in Biochemistry and a Teacher of Medical College

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