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When is an anatomic entity named "laterale" vs. "lateralis"?

I'm trying to learn the latin names of anatomical entities and I have a hard time remembering whether it's "Os cuneiforme laterale" or "Os cuneiforme lateralis". In that case it's "laterale". But... more
Etymology Grammar Italian


How come there are two gender forms, "tavola" and "tavolo"? Which one is proper?

I noticed that in Italian usually there is only one gender for one word, but there are some exceptions I thought were because of "bad native speakers". One of this exception is "tavolo" / "tavola".... more
Etymology German Idioms


Meaning and origin of 'Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof'?

What does the following sentence mean and what is its origin?> Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof.I've heard this expression from some friends – I guess it's what you say when you don't really understand... more
Etymology English Writing


Why does an ellipsis have three dots?

It might be an odd question, but I'm trying to comprehend why do we use three dots in an ellipsis. Wouldn't two dots suffice? An ellipsis serves a dual purpose, it can be used to either denote an... more
Etymology German Meaning


Why does "Leidenschaft" mean "passion" while "leiden" means "to suffer"?

The word "Leidenschaft" strikes me as having a quite weird construction. The [Wiktionary entry]( simply states its etymology to be "Leiden" + "schaft".... more
Etymology English Arabic


Etymology: Arabic falaha, German pflügen, English to plough?

Could there be some connection between Arabic falaha meaning to till the soil and German pflügen, Pflug or English plough, to plough?


What is the etymology of the word "birthday?"

It surely predates 30 AD?
Etymology Word Problem


what is the word mekely in modern history

I don't understand what is the modern word mekely

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