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So in German - meanings and usages?

Does "so" have similar usage and meaning in English and German?> so ein schönes Lied!>> das tut uns [ja] so leid!> > so? Das wäre aber sonderbar>> du darfst nehmen, so viel wie... more
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Is unwillkürlich the opposite of willkürlich?

My dictionary translates *willkürlich* as *arbitrary* and *unwillkürlich* as *involuntary*. I do not understand in what sense these concepts are opposites. Could someone give an example where this... more
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Meaning and origin of 'Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof'?

What does the following sentence mean and what is its origin?> Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof.I've heard this expression from some friends – I guess it's what you say when you don't really understand... more
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what is the meaning of "qeutsch noj" in english

what is the meaning of "qeutsch noj" in english "qeutsch noj"

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