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Tension Physics Forces


What is the acceleration and the tension of the rope if there is no friction?

Two blocks of mass m1 = 5kg and m2 = 6kg are located on either side of a corner. The side of mass m1 has an angle of 30 ° and that of m2 has an angle of 60 °. What is the acceleration and the... more
Tension Physics Forces


What is the tension between the first and the second wagon?

A train of 10 wagons each having a mass of 4X10exp4 kg. Locomotive has a mass of 2,2X10exp5 and pulls the first wagon with a force of 8X10exp5 N. What is the tension between the first and the... more


Very hard hanging rod problem

A straight rod of 30 cm and 600 g mass is horizontally hanged on two upright, parallel and light threads, both of them attached with distances of 5 cm and 10 cm from its ends. Find tension forces... more
Tension Physics Friction


Frictional Forces

A truck is hauling a trailer along a level road with a horizontal drawbar. The mass of the truck is mtruck = 9.00 x 103 kg and the mass of the trailer is mtrailer = 1.80 x 104 The two move along... more
Tension Physics


College Physics

A 7.50g-bullet has a speed of 555 m/s as it leaves the muzzle of a rifle. If the barrel of the rifle is 0.950 m, what is the average force exerted on the bullet by the ammunition?

Circular Motion: Finding the angle from the vertical

A .25 kg object is attached to a 0.80m string. The object is pulled to a point so that the string makes an angle θ from the vertical. It is then released. At the bottom of the object's path, the... more
Tension Physics


What is the tension in cable A and cable B?

Joe wishes to hang a sign weighing 950 N so that cable A attached to the store makes a 30 degree angle with the wall. Cable B is horizontal and attach to an adjoining building. What is the tension... more


Find the tension answer in newtons

A block of mass 1.88439 kg lies on a friction- less table, pulled by another mass 4.98587 kg under the influence of Earth’s gravity. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 .What is the magnitude... more


Find the slope of the string

A certain string has a linear mass density of 0.25 kg/m and is stretched with a tension of 25 N. One end is given a sinusoidal motion with frequency 5 Hz and amplitude 0.01m. At time t=0, the end... more


tenision in a string

two blocks of equal mass m are tied to each other through a light string. One of the blocks is pulled along the line joining them with a constant force F. The tension in the string joining the blocks
Tension Physics Forces


Calculating force

At a building site, an iron girder of mass 400 kg is suspended from a crane by a steel cable. Assume that the cable has a circular cross-section of diameter 24 mm.a.What is the tensile force in... more
Tension Physics Forces


Force of Tension Problem - Please Help ASAP

A 15000-kg helicopter is lowering a 4300-kg truck by a cable of fixed length. The truck, helicopter, and cable are descending at 17.0 m/s and must be slowed to 5.00 m/s in the next 56.0 m of... more

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