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Since bees can carry charge...

Since bees can carry charge, they can be represented as point charges. Two bees are resting on a string and have charges +16.3 µC and +29.1 µC. If the magnitude of the electrostatic force between... more


what is the charge in coulumbs of the nucleus of a chlorine atom

i mainly want to know how to find the number of electrons. Q = NUMBER OF ELECTRONS/ 6.25 x 10^18


A pellet carrying charge +q is centered inside a spherical cavity that has been cut off-center in a solid metal sphere that carries charge −2q.

How much charge resides on the outer surface of the metal sphere? Express answer in terms of q.


Capacitor related doubt

When two capacitors are joined one charged and other uncharged.how to calculate energy ? Please show the calculation part also


Moving Charges & Magnetism

A proton of energy 8ev moving circular path in uniform magnetic field.the energy of an Alfa particle moving in same mag field and along same path will be?


work performed on a charge

A solid non conducting hemisphere of radius R has a uniformly distributed positive charge of density t per unit volume . A negatively charge q is transferred from centre of its base to infinity .... more


q versus t graph

Charge q versus t graph for a capacitor initially uncharged is charged with a battery of emf 5V as shown in figure . Then show that resistance of circuit is 1.5M ohm. the graph is... more


how to do this phsyics q?

An experimenter gets a range of data: 8.8 * 10^-19 plus or minus 0.1 * 10^-19. This is an experiment about charge. Is this range of error acceptable?


Object A and B have equal charges. If neutral object C touches A then B, what is the force b/w the newly charged objects A and B?

PLEASE HELP ME!!! i have a physics test tmro!!!


what is the voltage of the battery?

When a battery is connected to the plates of a 3.00-uF capacitor, it stores a change of 27.0 uC. a) What is the voltage of the battery?   (b) if the same capacitor is connected to another... more


Calculate the electric field inside and outside the sphere.

A sphere of radius a carries a volume charge density rho = rho-sub-zero(r/a)**2 for r < a. Calculate the electric field inside and outside the sphere. (N.B.: rho-subscript-zero is a constant... more


Calculate the electric field on the axis of the disk

A uniformly charged disk of radius 35.0 carries charge with a density of 7.90x10-3 C/m2. Calculate the electric field on the axis of the disk at  (a) 5.00 cm  (b) 10.0 cm (c) 50.0 cm  (d) 200... more


why like charges attract

why like charges attract and unlike charges repel

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