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Summary Geography Asia


Summary on Asia's physical geography

please write a 4 to 5 summary on Asia's physical geography


I need help on this study island

   In July of 1799, over 200 years ago, French soldiers came upon a block of stone in the Egyptian town of el-Rashid, or Rosetta. The stone was inscribed with three translations of the same message... more
Summary Reading


Which of these is the best summary of the second paragraph?

 It was Tabitha's turn to give her presentation on one of the countries in Africa to our social studies class. The assignment was for each student to pick a country, research it, and then give a... more


Can holly buy the cabinet?

Holly had $5,000. She bought a table for $299. She also bought 4 chairs for $89 each. Now Holly wants to buy a cabinet for $1500. After purchasing the other 5 items , how much money does Holly... more


What is the best way to summarize the passage

High speed rail


How should I title a summary of an Anthology?

I was assigned to write an objective summary of an anthology. The title I Was going to use for my summary is: Summary of "Lackland" "Lackland" is the anthology's title. Do I need to put... more
Summary Democracy


need answer

What determines whether or not a particular country embarks on the road towards democracy, whether it completes that voyage successfully, and whether ot eventually consolidates democratic vaules,... more

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