Asked • 06/19/19

What is the best definition of the Democratic State?

I would say the Democratic State is the organisation that applies a People's will towards the use of common resources (such as the territory of that People/State). This will has the form of a body of laws and the State ensures that they are applied and they express the will of majority of the people at any given time. This organisation is further described by its above-mentioned law.Can this definition be improved?...As for my opinion and why this discussion:In the wake of high tech transhumanism, prone to shape new social classes and to deepen the difference between their power, I think that the social balance that makes possible peace and real progress for humanity needs that the states become more democratic. Qualitatively speaking. We should consider political science and Law as basic education.Specifically, with these new weapons, who's gonna check on the hi tech military, to ensure they do not do whatever they please?Now, as for political science, I think that separating politics from opinion would take some time. Also, is the effort of defining the very basic notions (multiple ways)...prone to bias? or is it oppinion-flawed? Then what can we stand on?

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Jesse B. answered • 07/08/19

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Philosophy, law, politics, GRE/SAT

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