Bonnie R.

asked • 12/08/17

If a playground swing is 8 feet long and it's rider swings through a distance of 9.5 feet, what angle does the swing travel through?

working on degrees, radians, angles, sin, cosine, tangent

Andrew M.

One could actually work this as a proportion.
The circumference of the circle inscribed by the swing if it took a full 360o turn is
πd = 8π ≅ 25.133 ft ... That is the distance the swing travels in 360 degrees.
9.5 ft is to x degrees as 25.133 ft is to 360 degrees
9.5 ft/xo = 25.133 ft/360o
x = 9.5(360)/15/133 ≅ 136.1 degrees


Arturo O.

8 ft is the radius, not the diameter.  


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Mark O. answered • 12/08/17

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