Bea L.

asked • 03/01/18

A hot air balloon is flying in the sky near a 45-meter high building. The angle of depression of the top and the bottom of the building from the operator are 10

degrees and 22 degrees respectively. Find the horizontal distance between the balloon and the building.
thank youu so much in advance geniuss!💓 y'all helped me alot 😊

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Doug C. answered • 03/01/18

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Bea L.

Can I ask where
did the 68 came from???


Doug C.

Hi Bea, Sorry I just saw your question. The "big" triangle is a right triangle. The acute angle in the upper left hand corner is 10 + 12 or 22. So the other acute angle is the complement of 22, i.e. 68.


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