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Let f(x)= 5x(squared) - 4x+2 or g(x)=4x-6

Find (f+g)(x) = Find (f*g) = 
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Nicholas is a toy collector and is investing in webkinz stuffed animals.

He purchased some basset hounds for $50 each and twice as many black cats for $14 each. If Nicholas spent a total of &624, how many seet hounds and how many black cats did Nicholas purchase?
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$6304 in an account at 20% compounded daily. Calculate the compound interest C after 10 year

Round to nearest penny   I keep getting $58,000 that seems to high.
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Write the following comparison as a ratio reduced to lowest terms 3 nickels to 24 dimes?

Please help, I need this to pass my online course, and I dont understand it. Thanks anyone.
College Math


Write the following comparison as a ratio reduced to lowest terms. 14 quarters to 45 dollars?

Thanks anyone.
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Mrs Martin bought 20 1/4 yards of material to make 4 bridesmaids dresses and 1 dress for the flower girl. the flower girls dress needs only half as much....

..material as a bridesmaid dress. How much material is needed for a bridesmaid dress? For the flower girls dress?
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Gail's Shoes sells shoes at 33% off the regular price.

If the normal price of a pair of shoes is $54, find the price after the discount is given.
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For a party of 250 people, the caterer decided that each person should receive a 72 gram serving of glazed carrots.

Question: How many bags of frozen carrots should be ordered if each bag weighs 1.5 pounds?  
College Math


Tracey rides her bike nine kilometers a day. How many miles does she ride in a week?

Thank You.
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Help me please!!!

Assuming volume, V, is constant, the length of an elliptical solid being sheared varies directly as the square of the radius and inversely as the width. If a solid with a width of 10 cm and radius... more
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Solve Equation

Solve Equation   √¯y - 11  + √¯y =11   the solutions are y = ?

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