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asked • 10/29/20

A fluid pressure gauge, called a Venturi tube, or venturer, is a device designed to measure the velocities of fluids flowing through pipes.

It consists of a tube that is inserted in the pipe, has the same diameter as this one, gradually narrowing and then increasing, the section also gradually to avoid the formation of swirls and thus the flow becomes stationary. In the narrowing there is an increase of speed and decrease of pressure. Using a pressure gauge, the pressure difference between the wide and the narrow part of the pipe is measured.

a) Find the expression that allows to calculate the velocity of the fluid flowing in the pipe according to the respective areas of the normal sections of the venturer, Ai and Ai, the pressure difference, Pi - P2, of the branches of the manometer.

b) A venturometer is connected to a pipe whose wide section area is 730 cm2 and that of the narrow section is 182 cm2, the difference in height of the branches of the manometer containing mercury is 96 mm. Calculate the speed of the water in the wide section and in the narrow section and the flow of the tube. Mercury density 13600 kg/m3.

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