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Chinese Grammar


Is 在我们村里有一所中学 incorrect?

My question is as the title. The English equivalent is: There is a middle school in our village. I know the correct one is "我们村里有一所中学". But I think adding 在 at the beginning is also okay. So I am... more
Chinese Grammar


How to say "red book"?

I'd like to know how to say "red book" in Mandarin. Can it be 红色 的 书 or 红书? I read a book to learn about color, it used 红色 的 before a noun but I heard in a song it used only 红 before noun. I... more


What do you have to do?

尋找一段新聞,概述主要內容,評價內容表達自己的觀點製作簡報,包括三頁內容 新聞報紙網頁連結或視頻連結 內容概述 自己的觀點I don't know how to answer this.


What were some methods the Han rulers used to centralize the government?

I am having trouble with this homework assignment. Any help is appreciated. This is on the Han dynasty.


Give a translation of this sentence into Pinyin. Do you have one brother, or two brothers?

  Do you have one brother, or two brothers?
Chinese Language


How do you ask a question in Chinese?

I just learned that Chinese is a tonal language, but that made me wonder, how do you ask a question if you can't raise your voice at the end? What are the different ways to let someone know you are... more
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