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Chem Chemistry


Chem help please confused

I have a mixture of three gases in a flask at 25 oC. The total pressure in the flask is 26.2 psi. If my gas mixture consists of 13.2 g of CHCl3, 25.8 g of HCl, and 3.2 g of H2, what is the pressure... more
Chem Chemistry


Chem help please

Gold metal can be dissolved using sodium cyanide according to the reaction below:4 Au(s) + 8 NaCN (aq) + O2(g) + 2 H2O(l) → 4 NaAu(CN)2(aq) + 4 NaOH(aq)  If I added 86.7 g of Au to 750 mL of a 1.8... more
Chem Chemistry


PV=nRT equation, I think?

Calcium carbide (Ca2C) reacts violently with water to make calcium hydroxide and acetylene gas (C2H2) as shown below:Ca2C (s) + H2O (l) → Ca(OH)2(aq) + C2H2(g) If 14.8 L of acetylene gas is... more

what is the molarity of unknown HCL from the known NaOH concentration.

we did this titration lab and I got the following info. We used 6.8333 mL average of 0.7 molarity NaOH to neutralize 25.00 mL of HCL. what are the moles, molarity, ph the of the HCL in this lab?... more

Classify each compound as saturated or unsaturated hydrocarbon

CH3CH2C≡CCH3CH3CH2CH3CH3CH=CHCH3CH3CH3a. Saturatedb. unsaturated
Chem Chemistry


Chemistry : Asid and bes

In an experiment, 25 cm² of 0.1 mol dm-3 sulphuric acid is needed to neutralise 25 cm³ of sodium hydroxide solution. Calculate the concentration of sodium hydroxide solution use in this experiment.



Determine whether the following sets of quantum numbers are valid or not. If valid, identify the atomic orbital being described and explain it briefly. Any explanations would help me a lot because... more
Chem Chemistry


Coffee Cup Calorimeter Problem

In the laboratory a "coffee cup" calorimeter, or constant pressure calorimeter, is frequently used to determine the specific heat of a solid, or to measure the energy of a solution phase... more


AP chem question

How many moles of magnesium oxide are produced by the reaction of 3.82 g of magnesium nitride with 7.73g of water?Mg3N2 + 3H2O -> 2NH3 + 3MgOa) 0.114b) 0.0378c) 0.429d) 0.0756e) 4.57can someone... more



Prove that the enthalpy change of formation is equal to the total change reaction using carbon dioxide.C2H5OH + O2 ------> CO2 + H2OC2H5OH ------- ΔH= -278KJ O2 ------- ΔH= 0 ... more


From the following formula of hydrophilic ointment solve for the quantities of each ingredient needed to prepare 5 lb (Avoir) of the ointment. Note: 1 lb = 454 g (avoir)

Methylparaben 0.25 gPropylparaben 0.15 gSodium lauryl sulfate 10 gPropylene glycol 120 gStearyl alcohol 250 gWhite Petrolatum 250 gPurified Water, add 1000 ga) Use Ratio & Proportion for... more


From the following formula for a progesterone nasal spray, calculate the quantity of each ingredient needed to prepare twenty- four 15-mL containers of the spray.

Progesterone 20 mgDimethyl-b-cyclodextrin 62 mgPurif ed water, ad 1 mL

What is the following signa to English?

"gtt ii a.s. stat, gtt 1 q 6 prn pain".

How to translate this signa?

tab i SL p.c. x 2 wk. for HTN


The signa of a prescription is "2 tab qid for 1 month" the patient bought 80 tablets and comes back after 15 days.

Solve for the percent compliance rate and answer up to the 2nd decimal place.

Find the electronegativity difference

What is the electronegativity difference of CH3OH?Carbon=2.5 Hydrogen=2.1 Oxygen=3.5a. 1.1b. 5c. 0.9d. none of the above

Find the molarity of this solution.

In 20.0 degree Celsius, a 0.258 m aqueous solution of C6H12O6 (glucose) has a density of 1.017 g/mL. Find the molarity of this solution.


AP chem question

A solution of 100.0 mL of 0.200 M KOH mixed with a solution of 200.0 ml of 0.150M NiSo4.a) Write the balanced chemical equation for the reaction that occursb) What precipitate forms?c) What is the... more


chem question (redox)

How many electrons are being transferred in the reaction below when the reaction is balanced?(Cr2O4)^-2 + Cl^-3 -> Cr + Cl2
Chem Chemistry


Chemistry Question PLEASEEE help

A student decides to find the molar enthalpy for the reaction between phosphoric acid and calcium hydroxide. They have a 0.250 M solution of Ca(OH)2, which they will use; they can only find a 2.1 M... more

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