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General Chemistry

35.0 ml of a 1.25 sodium hydroxide solution is diluted with water to a final volume of 55.0 ml. What is the new molarity?

General Chemistry

What volume of 0.350 M sodium iodide could be prepared with 50.0 grams of the pure solid? Include steps please.
Chem Chemistry


Calculate the heat energy released when 16.8 g of liquid mercury at 25.00 °C is converted to solid mercury at its melting point.

Constants for mercury at 1 atmheat capacity of Hg(l) 28.0 J/(mol⋅K)melting point 234.32 Kenthalpy of fusion2.29 kJ/mo

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Consider the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen producing water. If 26.1 g of water is produced and 23.0 g of oxygen is used how many grams of hydrogen are needed?


Given N2H4 + 7H2O2 → 2HNO3 + 8H2O.

4. Given N2H4 + 7H2O2 → 2HNO3 + 8H2O. If the rate of appearance of HNO3 is 0.026 M·min−1 , what is the rate of disappearance of H2O2? What is the rate of change of H2O2?5. For the reaction of... more

Why is the lewis structure of H2S bent at an angle but not linear?

Why is the lewis structure of H2S bent at an angle but not linear? When I drew the lewis structure, I drew the two hydrogens at a an 180 degree angle with sulfur in the middle. How do I distinguish... more

Question about vapor pressure

A flask containing nothing other than air at 100.0 kPa is filled partway with water and then sealed and left to sit at 20C. The total pressure of a mixture of gases is equal to the sum of the... more

Rank each of the below molecules' melting point and boiling point from scale of 1 (lowest) to 7 (highest) and explain why:

Rank each of the below molecules' melting point and boiling point from scale of 1 (lowest) to 7 (highest) and explain why:a) HCIb) H2c) H2Od) NH3e) CCI4f) CO2e) HBr
Chem Chemistry


A solution is made by dissolving solute B in solvent A. Consider the A-A attractive forces, the B-B attractive forces, and the A-B attractive forces.

If the solution process is exothermic, what can you say about the relationships between these attractive forces?


plz convert these URGENT

1. How many molecules in a sample of NaClO with a mass of 3.90g. 2. 2.4g of CO2 would have how many Oxygen atoms.3. 1.63 x 10^22 molecules of CH3COONa to grams4. 3.6g AlPO4 to moles5. 2.4g Na2SO4... more

Formula of Copper(II) Sulfate Hydrate Lab

Data: Mass of empty dish: 50.58 gmass of crystals and dish: 55.63mass of crystals after first heating: 54.57mass of crystals after second heating: 53.82mass of crystals after third heating:... more
Chem Chemistry


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A farmer has been using calcium for decades to help maintain chemical balance in the soil used to grow his crops. Unfortunately, the farmer's calcium supplier has been steadily increasing the price... more
Chem Chemistry


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A student is studying a mystery element and observes two distinct bands in the element's emission spectrum (shown below). One band appears at a wavelength of 450 nm while the other appears at a... more
Chem Chemistry


Gas Collected Over Water

Consider the reaction of a piece of zinc reacting with hydrochloric acid. The gas is collected above water based on the data below. a. Write the reaction occurring.    Zn(s) + 2HCl(aq) ---->... more
Chem Chemistry


For each of the following, indicate if the number of half-lives elapsed is:

For each of the following, indicate if the number of half-lives elapsed is:1. one half-life2. two half-lives3. three half-lives a sample of Ce-141 with a half-life of 32.5 days after 32.5 days a... more

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1.At what temperature was thermal equilibrium reached? How long did it take to arrive at this temperature?2.How does the temperature change within the first 60 seconds of the experiment? Within the... more


thermochemistry problem (please help if u can!)

When 0.467 g of sodium metal is added to an excess of hydrochloric acid, 4950 J of heat are produced. What is the enthalpy of the reaction as written?2Na (s) + 2 HCL (aq) → 2NaCL (aq) + H2 (g)
Chem Chemistry


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The figure is a 3-dimensional representation of an atomic orbital. Which orbital does it represent? three d-orbital a single p-orbital three p-orbitals an s-orbital

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SEP Construct an Explanation Describe the chemistry of the fire triangle. How does the fire triangle relate to how fiercely a wildfire burns?  SEP Construct an Explanation How do firefighters use... more

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Describe (in words) how conduction, convection and radiation all take place to heat the room.
Chem Chemistry


chemistry class

Consider this reaction.A+B⟶ABWhich three of these factors will not increase the rate of the reaction ? a. decreasing the kinetic energyb. increasing the temperaturec. increasing the concentration... more
Chem Chemistry


chemistry class

A solution contains 0.700 g Ca2+ in enough water to make a 1825 mL solution. What is the milliequivalents of Ca2+ per liter (mEq/L) for this solution?

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