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World History 1


how did homo sapiens reach north america from africa

homo sapiens world history 1 
World History 1 Study Guide


Who is Louis XVi

i dont  know the answers for a test i need to practice them 


Question about Mayans

Mayans believed that there were three cosmos: Heaven, the Underworld, and Humans on Earth. Is my answer correct? Just a yes-or-no answer, please. If no, please explain why I am wrong. Thank you... more
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Would anyone please be able to give me some tips on this short essay?

Rebellions can be seen as the greatest challenge facing Henry VII’s rule, 1485 – 1509. Explain why you agree or disagree with this view.   Regarding any royal dynasty, a rebellion of one’s... more
World History 1 History


Today marathon races are named after famous battle one by the Persians

True or false?
World History 1


which countries gained the most power during imperialism? why?

 back up your choice with land gained
World History 1


How were race, ethnicity and social class affected by the growth of cities?

 I just need an answer for the question above.
World History 1


What Was The Most Important People's assembly in Rome

Not really too much understanding whats going on


in 12 years a slave detail solomon northrups life before his kidnapping

in 12 years a slave detail solomon northrups life before his kidnapping and how those circumstances helped or hindered him during his enslavement. was he stronger or weaker because he had been free?
World History 1


What would Clausewitz say about US military strategies over the last decade or so

this is one of my history question i am really having trouble with it
World History 1 History


explain what the powerful for of Russian nationalism known as pan - slavish was.

I don't get any of the questions for out history home work ..... ...... ...... ....... ........ ........ ...... ....... ...... ......  

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