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High School: Social Studies


High School U.S. History 1

During the 1950s, the culture of consumerism grew in the United States. Which of the following did this culture associate with success?A.the purchase and use of increased quantities of material... more
High School: Social Studies High School: Global History


What major contribution did the Romans of ancient times make to the Western Society?

The Romans of ancient times and the English of medieval and modern times made their most significant contributions to the development of Western society in the fields of?   A) Law and... more
High School: Social Studies Social Studies


During World War II, farmers of Louisiana found themselves facing a labor shortage due to the fact that so many men left their jobs to fight overseas. Who did t

 A.  Asian Americans B.  women C.  prisoners of war D.  children
High School: Social Studies


Mississippi gives what as its main reason for succeeding from the union?

A) Raising taxes  B) the abolition of slavery  C) the unfair war draft laws  D) the tax on stamps 
High School: Social Studies


What is an Magna Carta

What is an Magna Carta? and what year was it? and who created it?
High School: Social Studies


Argentina has a large range of temperatures and weather conditions. Based on this information, which of these climates does Argentina MOST LIKELY experience?

A) arid B) cold C) temperate D) tropical
High School: Social Studies


what month did the farmers move west in 1875

I'm doing this journal entry for the westward expansion..
High School: Social Studies


European countries wanted to find a sea route to India and China because

Why would they try to find another sea route?  
High School: Social Studies Geography Social Studies Human Geography


What is the state shape of the United Kingdom?

I needed to know if the state is compact, fragmented, elongated, perforated, or protruded?

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