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A builder wants to create a rectangular room in a house. She wants it to have a total area of 375 square feet, and it should be 10 feet longer than it is wide. What dimensions should she use for... more

Rectangular Room

The area of a rectangular room is 90ft squared. The width of the room is 1ft less than the length. Set up an equation using this information, but don't solve it.

John fenced his backyard using 550 feet of fencing. The width of his yard is 10 feet less than twice the length.

I have to wrtie an equation that can be used to determine the dimensions of his yard. Please help, I’m desperately stuck on this one.

Paige sells chocolate bars for $.90 each.She spends $25 on supplies.Let m be the amount of money she makes.Let h be the number of chocolate bars she sells.

a. Write an equation that represents the relationship between the amount of money Paige makes and the number of chocolate bars she sells.   b.How many chocolate bars must Paige sell to break even?

it is a word problem and I don't know how to plug the numbers in

9. One car-rental company charges $42 per day with unlimited mileage. Another company charges $30 per day plus15¢ per mile. You need to rent a car for a three-day trip. Find the break-even point,... more

the average of 171 and x

 cant solve math problem

I need the answer to this word problem

A person invested $30 comma 000 in stocks and bonds. Her investment in bonds is $3000 more than half her investment in stocks. How much did she invest in stocks? How much did she invest in bonds?

Norachai and Jaidee each improved their years by planting rose bushes and shrubs. They bought their supplies from the same store. Norachai spent $81 on 14 rose

There isn’t anything else i need to tell you it’s just a simple algebra 1 word problem.

what is the of 2x+y2-xy for x=1 and y=4

i need help getting the answer so can you please help me 

the width of a rectangle is 2 less than 3 times its length. Find the dimension of the rectangle if its perimeter is 71 decreased by the with

set up and solve the problem. solving equations and problem solving application  

What is the equation of the line that contains point (-2,1) and has a slope of 4

This is about point slope form algebra 1 

a two digit number is seven times the sum of its digits. The tens digit is three more than the units digit. What is the number.

Iv\'ve been trying to do this for a long time and need Help. Make sure to include the steps. Thanks!

A new parking lot has spaces for 450 cars. The ratio of spaces for full-sized cars to compact cars is 11 to 4. How many spaces are for full-sized/compact cars

I need to use a system of linear equations to solve this. I have another question that i'm stuck on

Word problem Help

You have earned a total of 270 points on the three math tests so far this term. The sum of the scores on the first and second tests exceeds the third score by 102 points. Your score on the first... more

Two angles are supplementary.The difference between twice the larger angle and three times the smaller angle is 150.Find the measure of each.

Any help,I’m confused,I kinda have an idea but I don’t know how to put it on paper.

Rate problem.

Walking at 4 miles per hour, it takes Charlie 1/2 hour to reach the bus station. Charlie then take the bus the rest of the way to school. Traveling at 20 mileS per hour, it takes the bus 1/2 hour... more

write an equation in slope-intercept form for a line that goes through the points 0,6 and 1,-1

this is from a  test that i need to redo and study for
1 2 4 6 7 21

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