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Algebra 1 Question

Nicole and Adam are each saving money for a car. The total amount of money Nicole will save is represented by the function f (x) = 36 + 4x . The total amount of money Adam will save is given by the... more

Perimeter and age

the length of a rectangle is 5 m greater than the width. The perimeter is 150 m. Find the width and length 

the cost c per person to charter a fishing boat varies inversely with the number n of people fishing. The cost to charter a boat for an entire day is $400.

the 2 questions that go along with it are  A.) Write an inverse variation equation that relates c and n. B.) How much does each person pay when 8 people fish?

How do I do this?

The 42km drive from Oakdale to Ridgemont usually takes 28 min. Because of highway construction requires a reduced speed limit, the trip now takes 14 min linger. Find the reduced speed limit in km

How long are the 2 pieces?

a 72 inch board is cut into 2 pieces. One piece is 36 inches longer than the other. How long are the 2 pieces?

i need help finding the y-values

its a function,not an arithmetic sequence,f(1)=5,and the range is -3<y<10

I'm having trouble with this.

a lawn care company charges $25 per month of lawn maintenance plus an initial service fee. the total cost for service fee and 8 months of maintenance is $165. write the point slope form of an... more

The cost of 3 soup cans and 2 pizzas is $45. The cost of 5 soup cans and 3 pizzas is $71. Find the cost of a pizza and a soup can.

 I need help figuring this out as soon as possible. It's a bonus question and I just need the answer. Thanks.

find the time it take the flare to hit the ground

the height of a flare can be approximated by the function h=-t2+5t+6, where h is the height in feet and t is the time in seconds. Find the time it takes the flare to hot the ground.

How many miles will the students need to walk?

The National Honor Society at Pleasantville High School wants to raise at least $500 for a local charity. Each student earns $0.50 for every quarter of a mile walked in a walk-a-thon. How many... more

The length / of a rectangle is equal to its area A divided by its width w

Translating word phrases into algebra! Help, I’m having trouble with a few more too kinda confused on the “/“

Algebra Word Problems

Pedro can drive 2 times as fast as Pablo can ride his bicycle. If it takes Pablo 2 hours longer than Pedro to travel 72 miles, how fast can Pablo ride his bicycle?

I’m having some trouble with the following question and need some help, thanks.

Jim is a furniture salesman. His weekly pay is $300 plus 3.5% of his total sales for the week. Jim sells x dollars’ worth of furniture during the week. Write a function, p(c), which can be used to... more

Word problem help?

A box with a square base has a volume of 16 in3. The height of the box is twice as long as the length of the sides of the square base. What is the height of the box?

Word problem help?

A farmer has 300 feet of fencing. She wants to use this fencing to construct a rectangular corral and then divide the corral in half by constructing a fence across the width of the corral. What... more

How do I solve this word problem?

A triangular base prism has a volume of 16.2 cubic centimeters. The base is an isosceles right triangle. The height of the prism is 10 centimeters. What is the approximate length of the hypotenuse... more

How do I know if 16 units is a possible perimeter if I only have the length and width as a equation with x. The perimeter is equal to 10x squared + 22x -8

I don’t know how to know if 16 unites can be a possible perimeter because I have an expression not a number.

Plz help me solve this

Jim and Kim can paint a fence in 144 minutes. (This assumes that both work the whole time and that each works at a constant pace.) Jim working alone could paint the whole fence in two hours less... more

The difference between 2 and 7 times x is at least the sum of half of y and x .

its an algebra 1 problem not sure how to answer it help me asap
1 3 5 6 7 21

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