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Algebra 1 story problem

The formula for the area of a triangle is a=1/2bh, where A represents the area, b is the base, and h is the height of the triangle. Solve the equation for b.

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A = 1/2bh
We want to solve the equation for b, so we want to get the b term by itself
Divide both sides by 1/2:
A/(1/2)  = (1/2*b*h)/(1/2)
This causes the 1/2 to cancel on the right hand side. 
And now A/(1/2) = 2A
2A = b*h
Next we need to divide both sides by h:
2A/h = (b*h)/h
This causes the h terms to cancel out on the right hand side leaving us with:
2A/h = b
And we have solved for b!