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Database Questions

1.     Discuss some applications of active databases.2.     Discuss how time is represented in temporal databases and compare the different time dimensions. 3.     What are the differences between... more
Xml Python


How do I parse XML in Python?

I have many rows in a database that contains xml and I'm trying to write a Python script that will go through those rows and count how many instances of a particular node attribute show up. For... more

adding hyperlinks to indesign?

I'm fairly new to Adobe Indesign, but I'm ok with various coding languages. I want to create a web-based document that lists some products and product descriptions with each product description... more

Illustrator data-driven maps?

I have searched high and low for a way to colorize parts of a map based on a csv or xml file. For instance to illustrate results of a election. Doing it by hand is both tediousI imagine being able... more

Simple XML formatting tool (Windows)?

At work, we remove newlines from our logs to help prevent log-forging attacks. I have tools that can format XML such as my IDE (NetBeans) and SOAPUI, but they take forever to launch and aren't... more

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