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Step by step plese #4

Jack's age is three years more than twice his younger brother's, Jimmy's age. If  the sum of their ages is at most 18, find the greatest age that Jimmy could be.

Help step by step please (Question 3)

Traci collects donations for a dance marathon. One group of sponsors will donate a total of $6 for each hour she dances. Another group of sponsors will donate $75 no matte how long she dances. What... more

Please help, and step by step

Systolic blood pressure is the higher number in a blood pressure reading. It is measured as the heart muscle contacts. Heather was with her grandfather when he had his blook pressure checked. The... more

Help step by step

The length of a rectagular fenced enclosure is 12 feet more than the width. If Farmer Dan has 100 feet of encing, write an inequality to find the dimensions of the rectangle with the largest... more

help with a word problem

Your friend had three more songs on her mp3 player than you. Together you have 99 songs. How many songs do each of you have? 

A campsite is 3/4 mile away. They walk a steady speed of 1 1/8 mph. How many minutes will it take them to get to the campsite?

This is a question on my semester exam review homework. and have asked everyone and it. And no one seems to know how to do this problem.

30 x 10^6 in scientific notation

The question 30 x 10^6 in scientific notation. Would it turn into .3 x 10^5 or am I wrong? I'm doing this with a friend right now, so could I get a answer quick???

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