a worm is 103 milímetros Long . how many centemiters Long is the worm ?


Tortoise A walks 52.0 feet per hour and tortoise bB walks 12 inches per minute. Which tortoise travels faster? Explain.

this question is for math and it is really starting to stump me can anyone help me with this math word problem.


Is there a classification for class subjects?

Like for example, physics, chemistry, and math are classified into the maths and sciences. What about Humanities and Reading and Writing?

12 math books weigh 40 pounds how much would 22 math books weigh

If 12 math books weigh 40 pounds how much would 21 math books weigh


Four more than five



Sets question

In a class of 60 students, 40 students like math, 36 like sciences, 24 like both the subjects. Find the students who like a) either math or science b) neither math nor science


The sum of two numbers is 21 and their diffrence is 5

i really need this ASAP i do Math Prodigy and I think they are high school math


Find a possible formula for the quadratic function whose graph has vertex (2,6)and y intercept 9 y=?

I need help learning this math bcuz it’s for college math and I have a test on it soon.

If I failed both my algebra classes, how will I pass the math part of the SAT?

I struggled for the longest time in math. The problems I read never made sense. It would look like a foreign language. The only math classes I did well in were Basic Geometery and Concepts of math.... more

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