I need to solve this equation for k: 3k+6b=24

I am asking for help on math. How do i solve this math word problem?

payroll deductions comprise 5% of a student working part time. If his deductions total $40, what is his gross income?

need help with this math word problem, im a freshman in college & suck at math


celeste hiked 1.8 miles in .75 hour what is her average rate of speed

I need help with a word problem for math i am in 8th grade math


square root

How to do "√" math? I don't understand these sort of maths! Help!

(x-5)^2=16 square root

Math Help. I don't understand what my math teacher is teaching.


How much interest does $ 1,000 earn in three months at an interest rate of 6%, compounded quarterly? What is the balance after three months?

This math problem is from a business math class and there teaching us semiannual compounding right now 


math math math

Two sides of a triangle have lengths 11 m and 18 m. The angle between them is increasing at a rate of 2°/min. How fast is the length of the third side increasing when the angle between the sides of... more


Probabilty of choosing a maths student out of 200 students.

In a group of 200 students, 120 takes maths , 70 take history and 20 take both maths and history.  Calculate the probability that a student chosen at random from the group take maths?

8600 note is signed for 280 days at a discount rate of 11.5% find the proceeds

Need help with some finite math it is college level math. need help asap

Meg has 1 1/4 liter of orange juice. She drinks 1/3 liter. How much orange juice does she have left?

 Looking for the answer to this math problem. This is a fifth grade math problem involving fractions.


nighteen is the mipoint of segment determined by two numbers, one of which is 7. find the other number.

math, just math. please end my pain. oh god, im gay.


How many ounces of water must be added to 6 oz of juice concentrate to make 24 oz of juice

I need to know how to solve this math problem I struggle in math bad


What is the sum of all the prime numbers between 35 and 70 which, when divided by 12, leave a remainder that is a prime number?

I have this Math problem in Math and I dont know how to do it.

what is the absolute value of 3

well i need help on this math probleme in math and it is what is the absolute value of 3


write a mixed number that is greater than3 and less than 4

o need it because i don't under stand math and not good at math


One integer is 4 less than another. The sum of their squares is 208. Find the integers

I need help on one of my math lessons for my college math class.


If you work 6 hours Monday to Friday $10 a hour and seven hours every other weekends how much is your pay check every two weeks taking out tax’s in pa

Do math for pay check amount not good at math at all need some help please


Three quarters of the students wore the school colors. If there are 300 students, how many wore school colors?

This is 7th grade level math and the lessons about converting measures in a Saxon math book

500 with a standard deviation of 150, on which exam did Carlita perform better?

Carlita scored a 32 on her math ACT and a 730 on her math SAT examinations. Given that the average math ACT score is 18 with a standard deviation of 6 and the math SAT score has an average score of... more

Write a slope- intercept equation for a line that passes through (5,0) and (-3,6)

It’s a math equation in fundamentals of math where you need to write a slope intercept equation


Math. Math. Math.

Customers at a supermarket have been increasing at a linear rate. In 2011 the number was 570,000. In 2012 was 730,000 if y represent the number of customers visiting the supermarket per year and x... more


math and math MATH

A local hamburger shop sold a combined total of 624 hamburgers and cheeseburgers on Saturday. There were 74 more cheeseburgers sold than hamburgers. How many hamburgers were sold on... more

Elevations of towns math math math algebra math math math math algebra

Two towns have different elevations, but when the elevations are used as inputs of f(e), they both produce an output of 25.What are the elevations of the two towns? 


Math, math, math

What’s 2 1/3 x 4 1/5? I’m so clueless.


i need math help asap

At Bradley University, every math class has one and only one professor. Does this imply that there is a one to one correspondence between math classes and math professors? Be certain to give a full... more

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