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<b>MAth</b> <b>math</b> and more <b>math</b>!

Suppose a certain cylinder has a volume of 6433.98175 cm3.Questions:What are 5 different combinations of radius and height that will lead to this volume?What are the surface areas of these... more

<b>math</b> <b>math</b> <b>math</b> ree

how do ya find the non permissible values of csc2x/sin2x = 1/sin4xthanks


Is differential geometry pure <b>math</b>?

Is this course pure math? Is it college math or graduate level math? Do physics and engineering majors need this course? What's the name of the textbook for this course that MIT uses?

A local hamburger shop sold a combined total of 603 hamburgers and cheeseburgers on Monday. There were 53 more cheeseburgers sold than hamburgers.

Math word problem that is hard for me to learn on the website called Aleks to help students learn more about math in their math clases during and out of school.


Finding nine times forty is as simple as can be. You just find nine times four, and then multiply by me. Who am I ?

Of course , tis question is of basic maths but only for those who are professional in maths

How many 5/6 foot long pieces of wood can you cut from a board that is 6 5/6 feet long

Well it’s A math question of cource and there is no additional description for the math problem   


Three friends earned more than $200 washing cars. They paid their parents $28 for supplies and divided the rest of money equally.

It is my math homework from my 7th grade math teacher.

let f(x)={a^2x^2 for x<2 {(1-A) x for x>2 find A to make the function continuous at x=2

 i need help i suck at math math sucks please help


a-b:b-c:c-d = 1:2:3 then what is the value of (a+b):c

Math of ration and proportion. Please do the math thn I will be really greatful


how can you use a random sample of a population to make predictions

it is in math book math go i think but it is on pg 320 number 8

Meg has 1 1/4 liter of orange juice. She drinks 1/3 liter. How much orange juice does she have left?

 Looking for the answer to this math problem. This is a fifth grade math problem involving fractions.


Which <b>math</b> class is easier, Discrete <b>Math</b> Structures or Elementary linear algebra?

Which math class is easier, Discrete Math Structures or Elementary linear algebra?

payroll deductions comprise 5% of a student working part time. If his deductions total $40, what is his gross income?

need help with this math word problem, im a freshman in college & suck at math

(x-5)^2=16 square root

Math Help. I don't understand what my math teacher is teaching.


write a mixed number that is greater than3 and less than 4

o need it because i don't under stand math and not good at math

what is the absolute value of 3

well i need help on this math probleme in math and it is what is the absolute value of 3


What is the sum of all the prime numbers between 35 and 70 which, when divided by 12, leave a remainder that is a prime number?

I have this Math problem in Math and I dont know how to do it.


How many ounces of water must be added to 6 oz of juice concentrate to make 24 oz of juice

I need to know how to solve this math problem I struggle in math bad


One integer is 4 less than another. The sum of their squares is 208. Find the integers

I need help on one of my math lessons for my college math class.

8600 note is signed for 280 days at a discount rate of 11.5% find the proceeds

Need help with some finite math it is college level math. need help asap


nighteen is the mipoint of segment determined by two numbers, one of which is 7. find the other number.

math, just math. please end my pain. oh god, im gay.


square root

How to do "√" math? I don't understand these sort of maths! Help!


<b>math</b> <b>math</b> <b>math</b> help geom

Fiona chooses three towels from a group of five to pack in her beach bag for herself and her two brothers. Let the five towels be represented by A,B,C,D, and E.If Fiona chooses towel A for herself,... more


I need to solve this equation for k: 3k+6b=24

I am asking for help on math. How do i solve this math word problem?


celeste hiked 1.8 miles in .75 hour what is her average rate of speed

I need help with a word problem for math i am in 8th grade math
1 3 4 5 6 7 8 385

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