Write a slope- intercept equation for a line that passes through (5,0) and (-3,6)

It’s a math equation in fundamentals of math where you need to write a slope intercept equation


Probabilty of choosing a <b>maths</b> student out of 200 students.

In a group of 200 students, 120 takes maths , 70 take history and 20 take both maths and history.  Calculate the probability that a student chosen at random from the group take maths?

500 with a standard deviation of 150, on which exam did Carlita perform better?

Carlita scored a 32 on her math ACT and a 730 on her math SAT examinations. Given that the average math ACT score is 18 with a standard deviation of 6 and the math SAT score has an average score of... more


multiples of 12



a worm is 103 milímetros Long . how many centemiters Long is the worm ?



whats 24*32

this is a math 





How long will it take you to drive 175 miles at the speed of 25 miles per hour

This is math
1 3 4 5 6 7 8 343

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