Statistics question

Math teachers always claim that doing homework helps students get better grades in their math classes. To test this theory a survey of high school math students was conducted and the following... more

What percent of 65 is 13

Im stuck on a math problem on my math homework help?


one number is 10 more than another. The sum of twice the smaller plus three times the larger, is 55. What are the two numbers

the question is a question about math and i dont like math

The ratio of yes votes to no votes was 7 to 4 . If there were 5159 yes votes, what was the total number of votes?

I need help; it's a math question... I suck at math!


What is the area if the radius is 4 meters. Use 3.14 for

7th grade Math (Go Math) Middle school


Anthony runs 2.5 miles each day. Celia runs 0.8 as far as Anthony each day. How far does Celia run each day?

This question is a math question in math 6 plus weekly spiral. 

find an equation of the line passing through point (2, 1) and perpendicular to y=2x-3/2

I suck in math so please help math geniuses.


What is <b>Math</b>50? <b>MATH</b>101?

Can anyone tell me What is Math50? MATH101? Why such numbering? Any website to understand all this math subject numbering?


Which expression is equivalent to(3x5+8x3)-(7x2-6x3)

Need help with this math math is not my subject at all


The sum of three consecutive even integers is 114. what are the three integers?

i am not good at math so i need help with math


A rental car agency charges $180 per week plus $0.15 per mile to rent a car. How many miles can you travel in one week for $285?

Its a math word problem. college math. i need help with solving it


How much water must be added to a later of 90% acid solution to make a 70% acid solution?

A math problem found from a 9th grade math textbook.


Use the distributive property to remove the parentheses. (3-5y+2v)(-5)

I need help with this math problem. I'm not a good at math


lisa used a number line to model -2(3) dose her number line make sense? explain why or why not.

i don't really like math math is so hard.


I have a <b>math</b> question that sayes Sam has a 70 in a <b>math</b> how many 80 dose he have to get to have a 97 in <b>math</b>

I have a math question that sayes Sam has a 70 in a math how many 80 dose he have to get to have a 97 in math


Is differential geometry pure <b>math</b>?

Is this course pure math? Is it college math or graduate level math? Do physics and engineering majors need this course? What's the name of the textbook for this course that MIT uses?

A local hamburger shop sold a combined total of 603 hamburgers and cheeseburgers on Monday. There were 53 more cheeseburgers sold than hamburgers.

Math word problem that is hard for me to learn on the website called Aleks to help students learn more about math in their math clases during and out of school.


Finding nine times forty is as simple as can be. You just find nine times four, and then multiply by me. Who am I ?

Of course , tis question is of basic maths but only for those who are professional in maths


how can you use a random sample of a population to make predictions

it is in math book math go i think but it is on pg 320 number 8

Meg has 1 1/4 liter of orange juice. She drinks 1/3 liter. How much orange juice does she have left?

 Looking for the answer to this math problem. This is a fifth grade math problem involving fractions.

How many 5/6 foot long pieces of wood can you cut from a board that is 6 5/6 feet long

Well it’s A math question of cource and there is no additional description for the math problem   

let f(x)={a^2x^2 for x<2 {(1-A) x for x>2 find A to make the function continuous at x=2

 i need help i suck at math math sucks please help
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