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Graphing inequalities?

What would be the graphing plots to?:


I know one side should be shaded but not sure if the line is solid or dotted.  Thank you!

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First put it in the line equation form of y=mx+b except in this case it will have an inequality sign instead of the equal sign. In this case it will be y < -4/5x + 4.

Since it is greater than rather than greater than or equal to, it will be a dotted line when graphed to signify that the line itself is not part of the accepted values. You simply graph it as you would an equality in the line equation form where mx is the slope and b is the y-intercept. Since it is in the y < mx+b form you can surmise that all the values will be less than on the y axis which will be everything below the line. If it were y > mx+b, it would be everything above the dotted line.