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Adding fractions by finding the LCD?

I can't seem to get past this problem...

  2x   +     5   

  3x         x-8


For the answer I keep getting something like:  17x-13



Thanks for your help!


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2 Answers

Once you find the LCD, which you have done correctly, you have to multiply the numerator and denominator of each by the same factor:

 2x  (x-8)  +    5  (3x)

 3x   (x-8)      x-8 (3x)


2x2 - 16x  + 8x   =  2x2 -8x    =   (x)(2x -4)    =  2x-4 

(3x)(x-8)               3x2 - 24x       (x)(3x-24)        3x-24


The end answer is not right on this. Sorry multiplication error. Should be 2x-1/3x-24

 your answer = {2x(x-8) + 15x}/3x(x-8) 

= (2x2-16x+15x)/3x(x-8)

= (2x2-x)/3x(x-8)