Victoria J.

asked • 11/29/21

Math money and weight questions

1) Tammy, the owner of a grocery store, ordered nine crates of apples from a local farm. Eight of the crates weigh 21 lbs each, and the ninth one weighs 12 lb. What is the total cost of the order if one pound of apples costs $1.19?

2) Shivani bought 2 kg of pine nuts for $65.89 per kg and 2 kg of cashews for $24.50 per kg.  She gave the cashier $200 in cash.  What should Shivani get back in change?

3) Seven freight trains travelling from Vancouver to Ottawa each carry 19 tonnes of iron bars followed by a single freight train carrying 21 tonnes. What is the cost, to the nearest cent, of the whole shipment, at $44.25 per tonne?

4) A diesel flatbed truck is used to transport carbon steel rods from Hamilton to Calgary for a construction company. The truck weighs 17,888.99 lb with no load.  However, with a full load of carbon steel rods, the truck weighs 36,520.01 lb.   What is the weight of the carbon steel rods?

Mark M.

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