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asked • 06/17/21

Find the gerunds and Label their function (some sentences have more than one)

the function is subject, direct object, predicate nominative, and object of a preposition

1.) A child usually forms his lifestyle by following the harmonious example set by his parents.

2.) Seeing two very different lifestyles will cause great confusion for a child.

3.) Such was the feeling experienced by a young man named Mel Trotter.

4.) Growing up in a home with an alcoholic father and a Godly mother would confuse any young person.

5.) For Mel, following his father's example brought all the grief and bitterness associated with such a lifestyle.

6.) In her praying, Mel's mother begged God to save her seven children.

7.)One of the bright spots in Mel Trotter's life was marrying a wonderful girl named Lottie Fisher.

8.) However, learning that he was an alcoholic and seeing him lose his job greatly distressed her.

9.) His constant affirmation was promising to quit.

10,) When their first baby was born, he realized he could not continue living the drunkard's lifestyle.

11.) Trying to reform himself without the power of the Lord Jesus Christ in his heart proved futile.

you don't need to answer all of them :)

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