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Upsala College
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Upsala College (B.A.)

Lehigh University (Master's)

New York University (PhD)

About Howard

You will enjoy, grow, and learn while you study any or all of the following with this experienced college teacher:

Write essays that embody your own unique voice.

Build essays for college applications that distinguish you from all other applicants to the colleges to which you apply; I guide, encourage, and question; you write.

Write and submit freelance articles to various publications, both creative and journalistic work, with this seasoned newspaper reporter and editor and contributor to many magazines and journals.

Contact this rare combo of college professor of writing, journalist, fluent speaker and accomplished reader of Spanish who brings to his work with each student learning gained through a Ph.D. in English at NYU and a second Master's in Creative Writing from CCNY. Check out the exciting and attractive cover of one of Dr. Sage's published books next to his photo.

Certified SAT essay grader and experienced ACT grader on the college level.

More than 30 years ESL/EFL experience with stints in Taiwan and Spain.

In all my contact with people anywhere, not only
on Wyzant, who study English and writing
with me I put these writers first. If you would like to hear some
of their voices speak for themselves, send me an e-mail and
I will attach a link for you to hear the podcasts on which they speak.
You will enjoy, grow, and learn while you study any or all of the following with this experienced college teacher:

Write essays that embody your own unique voice.

Build essays for college applications that distinguish you from all other applicants to the colleges to which you apply; I guide, encourage, and question; you
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- Nicole, Brooklyn, NY on 12/30/12

"very supportive"

- Khulod, West New York, NJ on 2/23/12
Elementary (K-6th),
SAT Math
Philosophy, PSAT
Art History
American History,
Art History, Writing
Special Needs:
ADHD, Elementary (K-6th),
Special Needs, Study Skills

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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

ACT English

Certified CUNY ACT writing grader

15 years of experience grading writing ACT exams at CUNY branches.

My articles on writing for the ACT and similar tests have appeared in New York State TESOL's publication Idiom.

Ph.D. in English from NYU.

Taught at American Language Institute of NYU for 29 years, very similar to writing for ACT exams.

American History

Extensive experience studying American literature combined with a strong focus on American literature brings out the best of the American experience. My Ph.D. included a dissertation on Harold Frederic, 19th Century American writer.

Career Development

As part of my work as an editor I often come across requests for assistance in editing personal statements for college and graduate school admission and questions from non-native speakers about how to prepare lectures and presentations for classes. In such cases students are actually asking how to frame important areas of work for their careers.

One such student wrote of my work with her as follows:

Furthermore, Dr. S. was able to devise the curriculum that helped me improve my lecture preparation and presentation skills. In addition, Dr. S. also provided proofreading services for my research manuscripts which have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

Moreover, each semester I work with people who need writing skills of all kinds for professional advancement. Specifically, working at Texas Southern University in Houston and at the SEEK program for CUNY I encountered students for whom college was a completely new and therefore challenging experience. The writing courses I shaped and presented therefore helped them to practice skills that they could practice and refine to move forward in their education and toward their lifetime learning goals.

College Counseling

I have been a college professor for more than 40 years and currently teach college English at Hunter College. I taught at NYU for 29 years, from 1973-1992.

During those years I have been reading college essays and have come to know very well the concerns, preoccupations, and needs of college and university students of all kinds in all places. I taught in 1967 at Texas Southern University, a Black college, in Houston, Texas; from 1964-66 at Moravian College, a pre-Reformation sect college; at Temple University in 1963-64; and even abroad in Spain and Taiwan. I speak three languages in addition to English: Spanish fluently, French adequately, and some Chinese (Mandarin). In college I had a psychology minor.

I feel this blend of experience will qualify me to be a sensitive and helpful college counselor.

Elementary (K-6th)

As an active class parent, including the actual Class Parent Rep in my son's second grade class, I came to know during my son's five years at The Anderson Program, one of the most sought after programs for elementary school children in New York City, all the subjects, concerns, and teachers' needs. In other words, I learned by being active in that world. Even before that, while my son was still applying for elementary school, we set up a fun pre-elementary school classroom at home during his play times. He enjoyed them thoroughly and learned a great deal from them. I assert nothing works better than experience, and I have the day-to-day experience with all factors of the elementary school life.


Howard S. earned his Ph.D. in English at New York University. He has a second Master's in Creative Writing. He has taught English composition, introduction to literature courses, and oral communication courses at many colleges. He won a Great Teacher Award from NYU in 1989.


Hello Students,

I hope you will find my ESL/ESOL instruction useful and pleasant. I have more than 35 years of experience instructing ESL students in a major American university, one of the top ranking, in addition to experience teaching ESL in Taiwan and Spain. This experience has seasoned me to know how to assist students with challenges in thinking and writing in English. Two published books, showing students and other ESL professors, how literature in English can be both fun and productive taught me as well how to be a stronger instructor. I currently teach English at a four-year college in a metropolitan area and also previously taught ESL in a two-year college in a metropolitan area. My Ph.D in Nineteenth Century American literature is from New York University. I speak Spanish and French fluently, have a strong reading knowledge of both, and can speak and understand Mandarin Chinese. Thank you for your time.


Dr. Howard passed a graduate reading exam in French and has translated French poetry into English. He has extensive travel experience in France.


Grammar: just another word for the method of building elegant and clear sentences. You can sit down and memorize, memorize, and memorize verbs, nouns, etc.

Alternatively, let Dr. Howard S. show you how to create your own, endlessly improving editing "mirror," enabling you to locate and revise your real--not textbook--grammar challenges in your writing.

It takes two or three lessons and you will build that editing mirror on your own and feel the confidence of no longer needing an instructor.

E-mail me for a sample editing "mirror" that you can adapt to your own needs.


In addition to having received a strong GRE grade en route to completing my Ph.D. I have shared my strategies with many students preparing for the GRE. They have all produced strong results.


I have a Ph.D. in English from New York University. I have two published books related to teaching English as a Second Language. I have more than 20 years experience teaching ESL on the college/university level. I received a Great Teacher Award at NYU when I taught ESL there.


The ISEE on all three age levels has a verbal and a reading component. I bring to these components and these age levels the following credentials:

. Ph.D. in English from NYU
. Second M.A. in Creative Writing from CCNY
. 30+ years of teaching reading and writing on the university level, 29 of them at NYU.
. Two book publications relating to reading skills, five+ pages listing my published articles and presentations at national and international conferences
. Hands-on writing experience on two major daily metropolitan newspapers, including an editorial position on one of them

Certified temporary English High School teacher in NYC.


I have a Ph.D. in American Literature from NYU, two published books about literature, and was the winner of first prize in a competitive poetry competition. I was the editor and publisher of an award-winning literary magazine.


If you wish to enhance your knowledge and actual use of phonics, then Dr. Howard S. is the right person to contact. In addition to undergraduate and graduate courses (at New York University as part of his Ph.D.) in Linguistics, he has belonged to the Applied Linguistics group of TESOL and New York State TESOL for more than thirty years. His articles and presentations on applied linguistics, including phonics in poems, have appeared respectively in NYS TESOL journals and been presented in many national and state presentations. He recently was awarded first prize in one of the major categories of the annual poetry contest sponsored by Greenburgh, New York. He can teach you the meaning, use, value, and joy of sounds and symbols of sounds not only in English but also in Spanish, a language in which he is fluent. His translations of Latin-American poetry have appeared in several poetry magazines.


Ph.D. in English
20+ years operating a business in which I teach editing to writers
Book publications and many free lance articles, letters, and works of
literature published in hard copies and on line
Chosen as one of the great professors when I taught writing at NYU

Public Speaking

Organizing, deciding if, when, and how to use notes, modulating your voice to catch the nuances of your material--these are just a few of the subtle but essential skills Dr. Howard S. can convey to you.

Yes, you will practice all of these and more with him. You leave not having learned any mere abstractions about speaking; you emerge able to carry out the skills immediately.

Dr. Howard S. taught the advanced oral workshop at New York University's American Language Institute for over twenty years and received the School's Great Teacher Award.

He himself frequently speaks at conferences and is always well received.


The following experience qualifies me to tutor in reading:

. college professor teaching reading in English composition courses for over 20 years.

. author of two published books, Fictional Flights (Heinle & Heinle) and Incorporating Literature in ESL Instruction (Center for Applied Linguistics)

. winner of first prize in the adult division of the Greenburgh, New York annual poetry contest for 2012

. voted Great Teacher in 1989 for my work teaching reading to university ESL students at New York University


It's as simple as this: Regents is not an abstract concept or an esoteric field. It exists in many fields. I don't know where you are going to find someone better qualified than Sage to teach people decoding.

I have two published books in the ESL scholarly field all about how students and teachers can use literature to decode. I was a book review editor for more than ten years for the national TESOL Newsletter. These teachers spend much of their lives teaching decoding to foreign students.

I have a English, am a frequent contributor to The New York Times Metropolitan Diary column, and am the winner of the Greenburgh, New York adult division of the 2012 poetry contest.

Students who come to me thinking reading means processing words quickly learn that psychology, self-trust, and much more are at the core.

SAT Reading

Through my Sage Directions work for more than 20 years I have tutored students and given them more confidence in their ability to handle the SAT reading. In addition, as an English professor at NYU for 29 years I taught reading to students whose native languages were not English. As a certified SAT essay grader for earlier versions of the SAT essay exam I am familiar with the evolution of the test. Experts in reading and writing consider reading and writing totally related to each other, the skills in one area feeding those in the other area. Finally, I have published a book, Fictional Flights, which focuses on reading skills similar to those needed in the SAT.

SAT Writing

You want to do well on the SAT essay. Of course, you do. You want more than that, though. You also hope to gain some lifetime writing skills. Study with me and you will. How?

. You will understand thoroughly what makes a writing appealing and vital.

. You will know how to manage essay structure and writing time use.

. You won't fear editing your own writing because you will know how to do so quickly and carefully.

. You will become a confident writer, the builder of one's own writing structures.

Dr. Howard S., author Fictional Flights, Incorporating Literature in ESL Instruction, and published poet


How many tutors in Spanish have done this: Passed the test to be a court interpreter in Spanish in New York City, traveled through Mexico, Peru, Chile, and worked in Madrid, Spain teaching English, and translated poems of Antonio Machado and countless other writers of literature in Spanish?


Dr. Howard S. taught advanced oral expression to non-native speakers at NYU for more than 20 years. Moreover, he himself is a frequent speaker at conferences, meetings, and other occasions. Specifically, he has addressed international conferences in Canada, Puerto Rico, and throughout the Continental United States.

His specialty involves teaching students not only how to speak more eloquently and precisely but also how to gain confidence.

His PhD. in English from NYU included a year of study in linguistics.


What can one say about spelling: that I was the champion speller in fourth grade? :-) Moving forward, I read more than 2000 student writings a year. For many of them I am the correct spelling mentor.


All those grammar concerns, commas, apostrophes, subject-verb agreement, that pester you, as well as long readings that baffle you, will cease to disturb after I assist you. As in all my instruction, I present you with the materials and skills to overcome those challenges on your own. You come away not only possessing the knowledge to make correct choices quickly and within test time limits, but internalizing the knowledge to apply this learning to other areas (writing, for example) and other subjects, history, civics, even math, where, yes, language counts too.

Twenty years of working with individual test takers and college applicants have helped me hone my own techniques. Teaching English on the college level, including a specialization in Latin American Literature in Translation, hasn't hurt. My own publications appear in the Metropolitan Diary of _The New York Times,_ in many letters to the editor sections, and in poetry journals. I look forward to working with you on the SSAT.

Study Skills

Even the brightest students don't always possess the methods to bring that brightest to fruition. They can easily incorporate the following processes that a study skills expert introduces, including but not limited to the following: dividing the task at hand into a workable order, usually mastering more basic challenges and culminating in more difficult concerns; learning to state and write intelligent, useful questions rather than focusing only on attaining correct answers; and developing a work and rest strategy in which defined periods of study adjusted to the student's level and age are mingled with creative rest periods to raise the student's morale and maintain her energy level.

These stand as some of the main strategies I have practiced by working with high school students studying for the SAT and also by teaching in specialized freshman programs such as SEEK in NYC, in which I taught for four years.


What expertise and experience should you expect from your TOEFL mentor?

Dr. Howard S. knows and has it!

He is an author of two major books (see them via in the TOEFL area.

He was a keynote speaker at national and international TOEFL focused conferences over more than thirty years.

He has been a professor in TOEFL programs including instructor of a course about using literature in ESL.

He has been an instructor and tutor in various TOEFL related contexts in Taiwan, Japan, and Spain.


With me as your vocabulary guide, amaze even yourself as you take on new skills of using, recognizing, enjoying, correctly placing, and doing much more with all kinds of words. Become a true "worder."


As all writers know, an aspiring writer wants expertise, skill at explaining difficult ideas and techniques, and of course experience, the latter supported by extensive publications.

Dr. Howard S. possesses all three, as follows:

. Three years of full-time journalistic experience as a reporter and feature writer for two daily newspapers

. 30 + years teaching writing at New York University and various branches of CUNY, including teaching graduate courses in TESOL writing and courses in various specialties, including to science writers.

. Two published books and extensive creative writing publications in leading newspapers such as The New York Times and several Los Angeles area newspapers

. Ph.D. in English from New York University and a second M.A. , this one in Creative Writing, from CCNY.

You can read several of Dr. S's pieces by googling Metropolitan Diary New York.

Dr. Howard S.

Upsala College
Lehigh University
New York University


Upsala College (B.A.)

Lehigh University (Master's)

New York University (PhD)


Dr. S. was a kind, knowledgeable tutor. He helped me with my graduate school admission essay in a way that really conformed to my own style and ability. He provided advice to help me avoid cliches, strengthen the meaning of my words, and stand out. It was obvious that he has a great deal of experience with admission boards, which was very reassuring. I highly recommend him.

— Nicole, Brooklyn, NY on 12/30/12

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