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Finding the quotient by dividing fractions that contain exponents?

18x   Divided by  2x7y4

y4                                       6


Thank you for your help!


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(a/b) / (c/d) = (a/b) × (d/c)
        18x7  ·     6          
         y4     ·  2x7y4       with condition, that xy ≠ 0

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The only other thing you need to know that I did not explain in your multiplication question is the way to divide fractions.  Dividing fractions = multiplying fractions by flipping the numerator and denominator in the second fraction.


So, 18x7 -  divided by  2x7y4         =      18x7          times      

       y4                         6                       y4                                 2x7y4


Use the same process as with the multiplication question you asked earlier, and see if you cannot get:


(3x7)(7)(2x) where y cannot equal 0.  E-mail me with any questions you may have.  :-)   ***Thanks to Nataliya for finding my error and helping out.

54    is correct, with xy not equal to 0***