Sarah H.

asked • 03/14/13

how to set up proportions?

for example ''Mrs. Stearns need to photocopy a 9.5 cm wide by 16 cm long picture. She wants to enlarge the picture so its length is 40 cm. How wide will the picture be?'' i need help on these kind of problems i will be getting a tutor soon so watch out. and please help me online with my homework because i might get kicked out of my upper level [above grade level] math class so please help me! i greatly appreciate all your help!!!

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Stephen H. answered • 03/14/13

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Sarah H.

thanks so much u really explain well!!! i greatly appreciate all your help. I hope you Get what U deserve in Life because u are a great person.



Kristen M. answered • 03/14/13

Social Studies Buff

Sarah H.

Thanks for the help! Greatly appreciate it.




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