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How to write proportions based on a triangle's side lengths?

For my homework we have to do proportions based on a triangle's side lengths. For example, the problem I'm working on: two sides are (also the same length) while one side is 28 (centimeters or inches it doesn't specify). We have to solve for x. The directions are wriiten: Write a proportion and solve for each missing measure, x. But how to write the proportions?


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OK, so you have an Isosoles triangle (2 equal sides), and maybe even an equilateral triangle (all 3 sides equal,), but we don't know that.  Question:  is the "one side" that is 28 also one of the x-sides?  Or the 3rd side?  And units of measurement don't really matter here, do they?  ANY other info given (any angles, etc.)?