Galena M.

asked • 01/19/21

Antisemitism during the early 19th century

What mainly caused American Jewish Immigration during the 1900s-1930s?

I wrote the Bolshevik Revolution, but my teacher said Jewish immigration was not triggered by that.

This is what I wrote:

The Red scares were one reaction to the combined fear of communism that spread throughout the United States in the 1920s and the 1930s, as a result of Jewish immigration from Europe. During the Russian Revolution in World War I, Vladimir Lenin, with his faithful Bolshevik workers, led a successful revolution against Czar Nicholas in 1917, transforming Russia into a Communist state and inspiring American fear of Bolsheviks. During the 1900s, pogroms in Russia were violent attacks against Jews that continued in the 1920s, even with Lenin’s new leadership. Russian Jews saw the United States as an optimistic place of opportunity and safety for their families with Russia’s new leadership and the pogroms, and so at least thousands of Russian Jews started immigrating to the United States.

That means that my entire paragraph is wrong. I tried researching it, but I am also having no luck

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Alexander M. answered • 01/19/21

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Galena M.

Okay thank you so much; however, I should've made this more clear, but my paper is more focused toward 1910, 1920, early 1930s; before the Holocaust etc, so do you have any ideas about that? My prof. said that , "Jews were a major threat to their American Exceptionalism, bringing a deadly plague to their values., etc. Jewish Socialists, who came from Russia, envisioned a new Jew in America, where Jews were smart, broad-minded, and ingrained in American culture. Furthermore, Jewish immigrants injected new elements of nationalism and tradition into Jewish life becoming active in literature, theater, and music. Jews wanted to be seen as Progressives and influential characters, integrated within American society while continuing to practice Judaism. However, the Red Scare influenced American fear about foreign immigrants, such as Jewish socialists who were seen as grave threats to their American Exceptionalism, bringing a deadly plague to their values." What could I do with that?


Alexander M.

Oops! No problem... I did more research and saw how the major influx of Ashkenazi Jews (Central and Eastern Europe) came about from many violent revolts throughout Russia to murder or get rid of the Jews from their land; these riots are called a pogrom. These pogroms happened started in the 1880s but happened continuously up to around 1925. (The Kristalnaacht example from the last post is an example of the most famous, but again, in 1938, so it doesnt count towards this question). Also, that excerpt you provided might hold another answer. Like other racial and ethnic minorities immigrating to the United States, the Ashkenazi Jews wanted a change and an opportunity to reinvent themselves in the New World. Use your instructors words to your advantage!


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