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Ap World History


Explain the process of state building and expansion.

How did Spain build and manage their empires? Who was in charge? What type of government?
Ap World History


Make an inference about why goods were not manufactured in West Africa and in the New World.

This is for my Ap World History class.
Ap World History


Ap world history WWII question

In what ways did Hitler and the authors of cardinal principles find fault with main stream Western societies and their political and social values?
Ap World History


explain how the empires of European states were established between 1450 to 1750


How do you write a Thesis for a DBQ in AP World History

A step by step process to getting the Thesis point


Antisemitism during the early 19th century

What mainly caused American Jewish Immigration during the 1900s-1930s?I wrote the Bolshevik Revolution, but my teacher said Jewish immigration was not triggered by that. This is what I wrote: The... more
Ap World History


After the expansion of Islam into Africa, an organized Christian presence remained in?

A. Egypt and Ethiopia B. Morocco C. Mauritania and Tunisia D. the areas along the silk road E. Algeria
Ap World History


How do you find the key points of an article when they aren't stated?

I'm going into highschool this year and i'm taking AP World History, so my teacher gave us summer work. THere's 10 articles and 9/10 of them have the key point stated above each new topic, but the... more
Ap World History World History U.s. History


American imperialism

To what extent do you think America was an imperialistic power


What is absolutism, and how are the ideas of the Enlightenment thinkers a response to it?

What is absolutism, and how are the ideas of the Enlightenment thinkers a response to it?
Ap World History


Describe how Confucianism played a major role in classical Chinese civilization.

how did confucianism play a major role in classical chinese civilization?
Ap World History World History World History 1


Question about Mayans

Mayans believed that there were three cosmos: Heaven, the Underworld, and Humans on Earth. Is my answer correct? Just a yes-or-no answer, please. If no, please explain why I am wrong. Thank you... more
Ap World History


i need a topic that could be used to show change and continuity over time between the contemporary era and one before it

event in contemporary era compared to event in era before it


How are natural rights and social contract related?

Could someone explain, please?
Ap World History


What led to the need for some type of formalized government by 3500 BCE?

Early civilizations in 3500 BCE 
Ap World History


Which of the following countries was NOT a part of the "big 3"? France Russia United States Great Britian

I need help ASAP in this wold history home work
Ap World History


According to Simone DB, why is it that women have difficulty organizing themselves?

This is based on the book second sex and it's the introduction. I am sooo confused
Ap World History


why did Christianity take hold in some places more than others?

for AP world history 
Ap World History History Warring States


What is the significance of the Warring States period?

I want to know why the warring states period is significant 



How did the continued expansion of agriculture impact the environment? How did environmental damages negatively impact empires/societies? In time range of 600 BCE - 600 CE
Ap World History


Why did the early Indian society of the Harappans fail?

 please answer me ASAP

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