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According to the documents, what does natural law have to do with human beings? ( Modern World History )

Documents / Definitions

Natural Law: 

The idea of perfect law based on equity, fairness, and reason, by which all man-made laws (positive laws) are to be measured and to which they must (as closely as possible) conform. Natural law is derived from the concept that the entire universe is governed by cosmic laws on which human conduct should be based, and which can be deduced through reasoning and the moral sense of what is right or wrong. 

Natural Law: 

A set of rules inherent in human behavior and human reasoning that governs human conduct. Natural law is preexisting and is not created in courts by judges. Philosophers and theologians throughout history have differed in their interpretations of natural law, but in theory, natural law should be the same throughout time and across the world because it is based on human nature, not on culture or customs. 

An example of natural law, as interpreted by Thomas Hobbes, is that judges should be impartial. 

Natural Law: 

A rule of conduct arising out of the natural relations of human beings, established by the Creator, and existing prior to any positive precept. The foundation of this law is placed by the best writers in the will of God, discovered by right reason, and aided by divine revelation ; and its principles, when applicable, apply with equal obligation to individuals and to nations. 

According to the documents, what does natural law have to do with human beings?

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