Kelci G.

asked • 03/08/20

Please help! Math Music question!

Calculate the Fundamental Frequency Ratio (by dividing the higher frequency by the lower

frequency), rounded if necessary to the nearest 0.000001, between D4 and G#4 under the following systems:

a) Harmonic Series (Keyed to A)

b) Just Intonation Tuning (Keyed to A)

c) Harmonic Series (Keyed to D)

d) Pythagorean Tuning

3) In your answers to 2, consider the answer 2c what you want (in other words, zero error). Calculate the error, as a percent, for each of these tuning systems in parts a, b, and d. Round to the nearest 0.001%.

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Rita J. answered • 09/15/20

4.8 (35)

Experienced Analyst and Arranger with Great Musical "Grammar."

Rita J.

Oh, and when you say "keyed to D" or other, make sure you include harmonic/overtones in your answer...


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