Julie S.

asked • 02/27/20

study advice pls

hi, i am struggling so much in school. i procrastinate a lot. i hate studying.

and i have done my research on how to stop procrastinating.

goal setting, calendar, breaks, do the hard stuff first, task apps, etc.

there are not working...

i know i am letting myself getting distracted so i don't have to study boring and difficult stuff.

counselors tell me that i have perfectionist tenancies, fear of failure, fixed mindset, etc.

so yeah. i do want some study advice please. thanks!

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Sara P. answered • 02/27/20

Patient and Hardworking Teacher and Tutor

Julie S.

Sara, thank you so much for the wonderful advice! I am glad to know someone had a similar experience. I will definitely try out everything you mentioned here, including setting small goals, avoid device usage, and pretty notes! I am excited to implement them soon. I hope you have a great day! :)


Abby K.

Good for you for recognizing your problem and working on changing your habits! Remember that no one is perfect. No matter how hard you try it's just not possible. All anyone can ask is for you to do your best. If you already knew all the answers, why would you go to school? Don't focus on the grade so much; focus on learning and improving. Your only competition is yourself. Also, sometimes doing an OK job and getting it done on time is more important than perfection. I'm not saying to slack off, I'm just saying do the best you can and then move on. The reason for tests and homework, after all, is to see if you've mastered the material. If for some reason you haven't, your teacher needs to know that. FYI, I have some great ways to deal with writing procrastination, if that will help you.


Molly B.

Hey, I am just popping in here to give more advice that I use since I had the same problems. I like to set timers on my phone. So I will tell myself like, okay, if we can work for 15 minutes then you can take a break/do another subject/ move locations/ etc. And then, during those 15 minutes, only have the thing you are working on in front of you and either you will work on it, or you will become so bored just staring at something that you will want to work on it because its the only thing there. The other piece of advice I have is to break any assignment you have down to smaller sections and make a plan for each section. (ex. If you have to read a textbook and it is 4 sections, only do one section at a time). And then, reward yourself in some small way after you have done something positive. It doesn't have to be expensive or take time, it can literally be one m&m that you eat after you finish a section, but that tells your brain, we did something good, we should keep doing that. Anyways, I hope some of this helps! Good Luck!


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