Mandeep K.

asked • 12/20/19

To understand the structural activity relationship of a peptide drug molecule; see details below.

Hello, I need help with a mix of microbiology/biochem/chem/bio. I did an experiment where I made mimics of TB antibiotics in a lab. I need to understand the structural activity relationship of the compound. I tested this on a bacteria as a kirby bauer disk test. The variations I made didnt inhibit the bacteria. I need to know why not and whats the mechanism of action of my compound/drug molecule. Would you be able to help? I have an idea just need verification. 

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J.R. S. answered • 12/20/19

Ph.D. in Biochemistry--University Professor--Chemistry Tutor

Mandeep K.

Thank you for answering my question.


Mandeep K.

I do understand, due to modifications there will be an effect on bacterial activity. I have an idea regarding the MOA, since wollamide is a cationic antimycobacterial cyclohexapeptide that exhibits activity against Mycobacterium bovis. If it’s a cyclic peptide which inhibits protein synthesis 50s of ribosome. Is it safe to assume wollamide can diffuse through the cell membrane and inhibit protein synthesis?


J.R. S.

I'm guessing that might depend on pH since it has several amino acid residues, but being a cationic moiety, it will probably have difficulty diffusing through the hydrophobic membrane. This is just an educated "guess" on my part, but I'm assuming there would be literature on this aspect of wollamide chemistry.


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