Asked • 08/13/19

Software for cartoon creation, to make a web comic without drawing by hand?

Here is my dilemma. For a while now I have had some ideas kicking around in the back of my mind for a web cartoon. I would like to try to put the idea into reality, but I run into one tiny little problem. I can't draw. At all. I've tried, I took classes - at the end I managed a decent stick figure. It's pathetic. Surely in the age of technology there must be a program out there that can help. I know there are websites that will give you access to their image libraries and such to create cartoons with but they also put wording in their terms of service that make anything you create using their service, theirs. Not what I want. The program doesn't have to be point and click simple, I can learn a complex program - just don't make me draw by hand!

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