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Why don't people in the Chronicles of Narnia have trouble "transitioning" back to their old life after extended times in other worlds?

In *The Chronicles of Narnia*, people often spend weeks, months, or even decades in other worlds. They return to their old life at the exact instant that they left as if they were never gone. For example, the Pevensies spent years (perhaps decades?) in Narnia after the events of *The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe*. Afterwards, they're transported back to their original lives as schoolchildren and carry on with their ordinary lives. People still treated them the exact same way that they always treated them, oblivious to all of the knowledge, skills, and life experience that they gained while they were in Narnia.It's strongly implied that being in certain worlds influences your abilities and attitudes to an extent (characters often slowly regain certain skills, such as swordsmanship, over the course of several hours upon returning to Narnia). Even setting that aside, why didn't the characters find that *profoundly* disturbing? Personally, if I woke up as a 10-year-old again and was expected to carry on living as if I actually was a 10-year-old (returning to elementary school, etc.) and being treated as if I was 10, I'd find that *profoundly* unsettling and frustrating (not to mention infuriating), so why does this never appear in the books?

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