Asked • 03/13/19

All I know vs. Alls I know?

Are the two sayings proper English? > "Alls I know" and > "All I know" Alls I know just sounds bad to me, but while people agree, no one can tell me if it is right or wrong.

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Karina R. answered • 12/05/19

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James G.

Wow that's awesome that you can make an assessment about someones education level based on one grammar mistake. I know a brilliant man who's highly educated that can't pronounce cholesterol correctly. Education aside, people make mistakes in grammar and life in general.


Amanda H.

Key word in your response: MISTAKE aka not correct


Ellen A.

All's vs. 'Alls" = All is. People have different regional dialects and know that it's ok to use your regional dialect, but Standard English is recommended among the upper classes of society, and to get the best jobs. Even if you grew up in the projects, and/ or had immigrant parents who never learned English well, it's still very possible to learn Standard English, which can only help you get ahead in America. To say 'Alls I know', I don't have none, I have went, etc., is a sign of lack of education. That said, if you use Standard English among people who speak a dialect, it might make you look like a snob.


Ellen A. answered • 08/21/22

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Rebekkah G. answered • 05/02/19

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Lorri sue B.

The difference is in the audience and purpose. "All I know" is standard English, whereas "All's I know" is substandard English and is perfectly acceptable for usage (everyday speech/slang) or creative writing dialogue etc....but not for academic writing.


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