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how can i improve in my studies and yet english is quiet difficult to understand

especially maths and physics

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Hi Samia! I’m Shirley and I am a Wyzant tutor. I see that you wrote that English is quite hard to understand, and that you also mentioned Math and Physics, within your studies. Are you learning English as a Second Language?

One way to improve English skills, especially studying Math, Physics, and other topics is by focusing on the vocabulary used in each subject and studying the words. A list of common terms for each class can be very useful, whether you are new to English or English is your first and most familiar language. Most text books will have a glossary after each chapter in your textbooks, or inside the back of your book in a dictionary or glossary section. You can also search online for words and their definitions.

Asking your teachers for important vocabulary words, for each chapter is fine, too. This may also help with upcoming tests. If they focus on certain words, then it is likely that the words will be used on a test, or mentioned in a project.

Study vocabulary words in small lists. If you have a long list, study 10 of the words, then 10 more of them. Practice saying them; write them down to practice spelling. Practice reading sentences that have these words or create your own sentences. You can also get practice help from friends, family members and tutors.

Reviewing class notes with instructors and friends help to reinforce what you are learning.

It is also important to realize that some words can have multiple meanings. For example, the word difference can mean the answer to a subtraction problem. Or, difference can be within a question, when comparing a person, place or thing.

Example #1: What is the difference between a car and a truck?
Example #2: Find the difference of 12 -7

So, learning the vocabulary words for each topic, taking notes, getting help with note-taking, asking for help to understand words and concepts, and reviewing by practicing what you are learning can help your studies greatly.
I hope that this helps you!