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Biology genetics

In llamas, a shaggy coat (S) is dominant over a smooth coat (s). If two hybrid/heterozygous llamas are mated, what are the possible genotypes of their offspring? Select all that apply.
[Hint: you will want to start by writing down the genotypes of the parents, and determining the gametes they can make.]

a.) ss
b.) Ss
c.) SsSs
d.) SS

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Please make a punnet square:
Parental genotypes are S/s  for both parents since they are heterzygous.
         S            s
 S      SS         Ss
s       Ss           ss
Phenotypes and Genotypes: 25% homozygous Shaggy and  SS
                                          50% heterozygous Shaggy and Ss
                                           25% homozygous smooth and ss